– STAINLESS STEEL HEAD LUG. This is made individually for each frame. Starting by machining down stainless steel pipe to the correct gauges, the sections are then TIG welded together. The next step is to smooth the weld fillets and finally to cut the shape. The lug is left unpainted with a brushed/satin finish. The lug is joined to the frame using 56% silver. There is a choice of two lug designs: The Hermes and The Manhattan.

– FILLET BRAZING. The rest of the frame is fillet brazed using the very latest brazing rod, Fillet Pro. Fillet Pro was specifically designed for bicycle frames, has exceptionally high strength and a melting point well below 700°C allowing the tubing to retain all its original properties without the need for heat treatment.

– STAINLESS STEEL DROPOUTS. The frame ends are again unique to Demon. Left unpainted to give the frame visual balance and also to prevent Q/Rs or track nuts from munching up the paint.

– REYNOLDS TUBING. Using only the best tube sets from Reynolds to create a frame that is strong and light whilst always retaining the feel of steel. The ride of the frame is tuned for the riders requirements my using different tube diameters and gauges. Customers have the choice of three tube sets; 953, 921 and 853.

Signature frames are available as Road, track or mountain bikes.

Prices start from £2500


– 953 frames can be supplied in a brushed/satin finish (POA). Mirror finish is also possible but you will need to ask very nicely.
– The unique copper plated finish is only available for 853 frames (POA).
– Frames can be supplied with mudguard mounts.